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Feeder Range

PBA Feeds Dry Feeder
PBA Feeds Dry Feeder

Mineral Feeders


  • Feeder available in 120L & 250L capacity

  • Weather-proof

  • Flexible rubber roof which cattle lift up to access feed

  • Peg down points to prevent livestock  pushing trough around

  • Durable and rust-free

  • Cost effective

Dry Feeder with swivel roof

Covered Mineral Feeders

  • 500L capacity feeder

  • Durable roof with overhang to protect feed from the elements

  • Raised tub for extra feed protection

  • Swivel lid for easy refilling

  • Lid can be assembled to open to the left or to the right

  • Lid can be latched securely in the closed position to prevent stock opening it

PBA Feeds mineral feeder being refilled
Swivel roofed feeder for easy access
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