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What our clients say...

Glenheart Brangus

Recently they have had a 20 year old cow give birth to a strong and healthy calf.  In one paddock of 30 cows, we currently have 30 healthy calves at foot, even though the cows have experienced an extremely harsh season. We have little herd health issues and have noticed since the introduction of dry lick, it is now extremely rare to have cows suffering from prolapses. 

One of the best results of using the Hylick Breeder is that it provides the cattle with the ability to do well on and eat the driest grasses in our harshest country which is renowned for its phosphorus deficient soils.

In addition to using Hylick Breeder, the steers and bulls are supplemented with  Hylick Grower 8% and the show  cattle and sale bulls are on a ration that has PBA Feedlot 1 included.  

We have had many successes with our cattle while they have been on PBA products and highly recommend the supplements to other producers.”


“Glenheart Brangus” owned by Reg Robinson and family specialise in breeding quality Brangus cattle for stud and commercial purposes.  “Glenheart Brangus” run 700 Breeders and each year produces between 30 and 40 quality bulls and females for sale, whilst still retaining selected animals for their own breeding program.


“All of the “Glenheart” breeders have year round access to PBA Hylick Breeder 8%. Since using Hylick Breeder, the Robinson’s have experienced excellent calving percentages and have become aware of the extended fertility of their females. 


Chadwick Shorthorn Stud, Guyra - Williamson Family

“We have Hereford/Shorthorn cross breeders which we join back to Shorthorn or Hereford bulls,” he said. “We keep that Hereford/Shorthorn cross base herd, and that gives us that good hybrid vigour in the cross, but the Shorthorns give it softness. We aim to produce quality strawberry roan cows.”


The Williamson’s are EU accredited and sell their steer component each year to EU producers through Auction Plus.


“We keep our main line of heifers as replacement females, and the balance we feed on. We sell some off the place and the rest we feed for Woolworths,” Mr Williamson said.

The family has been using quality PBA Feeds supplements for more than five years, including the PBA Feedlot 1 concentrate in their total mixed ration for their steers and heifers for Woolworths, as well as their show cattle.


“We also use PBA’s New England Hi Mag for our heifers at calving time, and coming into Spring when there’s a lot of lush feed about,” Mr Williamson said.

Whilst using PBA Feeds, the Williamsons took out Champion Heifer Carcase at the 2010 Brisbane Royal Show, after placing first in the hoof class also, as well as taking out second place overall with a Shorthorn cross steer.

“PBA’s supplements do a good job for our cattle, and I’m staying with it, as long as it keeps performing for us,” Mr Williamson said.  “We receive great nutritional advice from Steve Mantova, and great product. I can’t fault them.” 


Supplying Woolworths with prime grain fed beef for the past five years, New England cattle producers, Bob and Belinda Williamson, “Neeworra”, credit the quality of their beef to good genetics and excellent feed supplementation.


Operating Chadwick Shorthorn Stud, the Williamson family run 60 stud females, 450 Hereford/Shorthorn cross breeders, and 1200 crossbred ewes, on their 2500 acre aggregation, west of Guyra.


Mr Williamson said while they were only a small stud, they concentrated on breeding quality cattle, however their main focus was their commercial herd.


Karaola, Wandsworth - Fittler Family


The drought conditions of recent times have seen the Fittler family of “Karaola”, Wandsworth in northern New South Wales, rely heavily on supplementation to get their cattle to market weight.


Trading as Gloray Pastoral, Steve and Elise Fittler and their son, Adam, currently run 800 breeders on a total of 2834 hectares on their Wandsworth and Inverell properties. Supplying cattle into the feedlot industry, Mr Fittler said he couldn’t fault the range of products they used from PBA Feeds.

We put full blood Wagyu bulls over our cows to produce F1 and F2 progeny, and grow them out to a feedlot weight of approximately 400kg,” he said. “For our breeding cows, we use PBA’s Hylick Grower 12% as the protein in the pasture diminishes, and we feed them the Waterproof (WP) Minerals mainly through Spring and Summer, which is important around joining time.  “A Green Forage Loose Lick is used for yearling cattle when we have lush conditions, and PBA Production Lick 4% as the pasture quality deteriorates. Otherwise they have access to Waterproof (WP) Minerals.”

Mr Fittler said the PBA supplements suited their operation and they kept the labour component down compared to other choices of supplementation.  “As the season changes they have a good range of products allowing us to achieve better feed efficiency,” he said. “We also have better conception rates and overall herd health, and the minerals we use boost our cattle’s immune systems, making them more resistant to parasites. The cattle have a shine on them.”

The Fittlers’ have been dealing with PBA Feeds for the past three years. “We get great nutritional advice from Steve Mantova, as he has a good handle on the different situations and what we should be using; and we get great backup service from Phil Best in the Toowoomba mill. They really are very good to deal with,” Mr Fittler said.


Heifer Station, Upper Clarence - Page Family


The Page family of Heifer Station in the Upper Clarence region of New South Wales, don’t know how they’d survive the winter/spring period without the products and expertise provided by PBA Feeds.

Robert Page, and his wife, Michelle, along with his parents, Jim and Philippa, run up to 2000 head on their 3200 hectare property north west of Grafton, with a 15km frontage to the Clarence River.

Robert said the PBA Feeds products he used helped prevent a drop in production, and with a lot of marginal country, he relied heavily on supplementary feeding. Running 1000 breeders, Robert said he utilised the 8% Breeder Lick to boost their level of production during their winter/spring “protein drought”.

Heifer Station runs a British cow herd (Hereford, Angus and Black Baldy) joined to Brahmans bulls, to produce F1 females which make up the main cow herd. F1 cows are joined to Angus or Charolais bulls, 
and all their progeny are sold as weaners off the cows.

“Our steer portion are sold into the store market to re-stockers, mainly to the Tablelands and locally, and our heifer portion are sold as vealers directly to the abattoirs in Casino, run by the Northern Co-operative Meat Company (NCMC), of which we are a member,” Robert said.

“We also keep our F1 steers and grow them out in our bush country, using PBA’s New England Range, which 
has enabled us to sell them 12 months earlier as feeder or fat steers meaning two less teeth on average with 
the same weight.”

Heifer Station produces free range pasture-fed beef which is Grasslands accredited.

“Having PBA custom make our licks to comply with these PCAS standards is critical to us complying with the standards and still maintaining a good level of production,” Robert said. “We have been using PBA products for the last four years, after attending an information day at Gordonbrook Station, which we have found very beneficial.”

Heiffer Station
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