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PBA Feeds Beef Feedlot Pellet

Beef Feedlot Pellet




Beef Feedlot Pellet

This pellet is a high energy product suitable for the feedlotting of cattle in a yard feeding situation or used in a grain assist situation in the paddock. 

Should be used in conjunction with an adequate fibre source such as dry pasture, hay or silage. Consumption of this mix is around 2.5% of body weight but will depend on quantity and quality of forage available.  Best suited  for cattle over 250kg liveweight.

PBA Ruminut can be used as a starter ration for 7-10 days leading up to the introduction of this mix.

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PBA Feeds Beef Feedlot Pellet

Directions for Use

Can be used in troughs or self-feeders.

Feed up to 2.5% of bodyweight with an adequate fibre source.

Must be fed with adequate hay, pasture or silage.
Cool, clean, fresh water must be available at all times.

Nutritional Analysis

(Typical Analysis per Kg)

PBA Feeds Beef Feedlot Pellet nutritional analysis
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