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PBA Feeds Hen House Gold



Hen House Gold

Hen House Gold is a premium feed that produces a more nutritious egg and which includes the nutrients that improve the condition of feather, feet and foot pads. In addition to being 100% vegetarian and hormone free, Hen House Gold contains a natural probiotic to support the gut health of your hens. 

With the specially formulated chicken premix found in Hen House Gold, your eggs will be a good source of selenium, Vitamins A, E and D.  Along with the high quality protein found in Hen House Gold, the diet is balanced for a healthier Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio to optimise your hen’s health, vitality and egg production.

Through new advanced technologies, Hen House Gold has reduced trace element output while maximising the transfer of nutrients to the egg and eggshell! It also reduces phosphorus loss in the manure as well as reduced ammonia output! 

  • Supports vitality 

  • Supports better eggshells 

  • Supports better health 

  • Supports egg-nutrients

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PBA Feeds Hen House Gold

Directions for Use

Warning - Do not feed to other animal species

Nutritional Analysis

(Typical Analysis per Kg)

PBA Feeds Hen House Gold nutritional analysis
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