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Hylick Green Feed 80

Green Feed 80





Green Feed 80

Hylick Green Feed 80 is designed to be fed to cattle grazing lush green feed such as Ryegrass or Oats in order to better utilise available protein.

  • Assists in preventing metabolic disorders such as grass tetany by balancing minerals, in particular calcium and magnesium, which are tied up from high soluble protein, high potassium and high lipids in green feed

  • Assists in maintaining a correct sulphur-nitrogen ratio to enable livestock to improve their performance on green pasture

  • Greatly assists the digestive system to utilise green feed and to help reduce scouring

  • Contains a condensed energy source to help balance the energy to protein ration in the diet

Hylick Green Feed 80

Directions for Use

Feed in a well drained trough which is protected from the weather

Average Consumption Rate:  80 – 100 grams / head / day

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Nutritional Analysis

(Typical Analysis per Kg)

Hylick Green Feed 80 nutritional analysis
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