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PBA Feeds Lamb Feedlot Pellet

Lamb Feedlot Pellet




Lamb Feedlot Pellet

Lamb feedlot pellets are formulated primarily to finish lambs in a yard feeding situation or with access to pasture.

This product is most suitable for lambs over 30kg liveweight and is best fed with an adequate fibre source such as pasture, hay and straw, and provides all the vitamins, macro and micro elements and buffers required by the lambs.

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PBA Feeds Lamb Feedlot Pellet

Directions for Use

Can be used in troughs or self-feeders.

Start lambs off at 100g on Day 1, increasing in increments to 1–1.2kg on Day 14.

Must be fed with adequate hay, pasture or straw.
Cool, clean, fresh water must be available at all times.

Introduce lambs gradually over a 2 week period so they adapt to the ration slowly to prevent gorging and acidosis.

Nutritional Analysis

(Typical Analysis per Kg)

PBA Feeds Lamb Feedlot Pellet nutritional analysis
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