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PBA Feeds gains approval under PCAS

PBA Feeds to supply custom feeds to PCAS producers

6 March 2017

PBA Feeds will give producers under the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System more options when it comes to feeding their cattle, after being approved to provide custom feeds under the Approved supplements scheme. Cattle Council of Australia president Howard Smith said the approved supplement scheme was working and of great value to PCAS producers. “PCAS producers needed more clarity on what feed and forage products they could feed their livestock under the system.” “The Approved supplements scheme provides this clarity,” Mr Smith said. “PBA Feeds are now providing the opportunity for PCAS producers to have their feed custom-made with the peace of mind that it is eligible under the PCAS Standards.” General Manager of PBA Feeds Andrea Brodie said it was a natural step for the company to offer customised feeds for PCAS producers. “PBA Feeds has been delivering Feedsafe accredited supplements for 10 years and we have always aimed to offer products that suit our customers’ situation. “When PCAS was introduced, it was only natural that we moved into customising our supplements to meet the requirements of the system,” Ms Brodie said. Ms Brodie said PBA Feeds standard Hylick range has been covering the main concerns for customers but they have always offered customised supplements to address specific animal health issues. “Our head nutritionist, Steve Mantova, regularly works with customers on farm to work out the best solution for their herd,” Ms Brodie said. “We are pleased that the Cattle Council of Australia has now introduced an approved scheme and we are excited to be able to deliver another range of products to meet our customers’ requirements.”

Press Release provided by Cattle Council of Australia

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