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PBA Feeds Springer Mix

Springer Mix




Springer Mix

A supplement based on anionic (acid) salts and very high levels of vitamins & minerals to be fed to springing cows.

  • Provides the cow with extra minerals to build up the immune system and provide the extra nutrients for a strong, healthy calf

  • Helps make the blood acidic which stimulates the cow to mobilise calcium which is necessary for making muscles contract and reduce the effects of milk fever

  • Contains high levels of vitamins & trace minerals to help reduce the effects of milk fever & other metabolic problems such as ketosis, retained foetal membranes & metritis

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PBA Feeds Springer Mix

Directions for Use

200 grams / cow / day  mixed with 2kg of cracked grain. Feed for 14-21 days before calving.

Nutritional Analysis

(Typical Analysis per Kg)

PBA Feeds Springer Mix nutritional analysis
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